Ilka Parent, Psych. Psychotherapist

Depth Psychology, Psychotraumatherapy


Years of experience working in military hospitals schooled me in the typical organizational as well as clinical areas concerning military service members.
My clinical focus on issues typically associated with serving in the Armed Forces had to adjust after 9/11 to the areas of "Trauma", "Combat Related Stress Disorders" and "Reintegration" after deployments or retirement.
To date, I offer primarily military service members and their families as well as people who have experienced a trauma assistance in dealing with their respective life circumstances.


Re-certification EMDR (Hamburg)
Specialized in Traumatherapy Training, Trauma Institut Mainz
since 2015
Approbation as Psychological Psychotherapist
since 2011
Licensed as Heilpraktiker, restricted to the area of Psychotherapy
since 2007
Licensed Professional Counselor (#6746), North Carolina, USA
2000 – 2013
Licensed Professional Counselor (#16168), Texas, USA
1998 – 2000
Temporary Licensed Professional Counselor, Texas, USA
EAGALA Trainer, EAGALA Mentor, EAGALA Network coordinator for Germany
since 04/2011
EAGALA Advanced Certification
since 04/2007
EAGALA Certification, North Carolina, USA
EMDR I certified, Fort Polk, Louisiana


2014 – 2015
Studies in the competency field "Weiterbildungsstudiengang Psychodynamische Psychotherapie", Johannes Gutenberg Universität Mainz, Klinik für Psychosomatische Medizin und Psychotherapie
1998 – 2003
Psychotherapeutic Training in Psychoanalysis; El Paso, Tx. 79903.
1990 – 1997
Continued studies in the competency field of Psychology, Johannes Gutenberg Universität Mainz Degree: M.S.
1981 – 1990
Gymnasium Gonsenheim, Mainz, Degree: Abitur