TEAMwork in EAGALA Teams

Incorporating the EAGALA model into any type of work is impressive. If adequately applied, it speeds up any personal development process in clinical as well as business settings. Profound knowledge of the model and its application as well as good teamwork are prerequisites for good client centered work. But more often than not, it is the teamwork that is taken for granted, even though malfunctions in it can pose the biggest threat to our work. Conflicts that are not addressed can not only impact our clients, but also affect our horses’ and our own reactions. In our daylong workshop we will look at the factors that typically affect teams, and EAGALA teams in particular. In hands-on activities we will look at ways on how to overcome those potential conflict areas and how to prevent them from occuring in the first place.

Learning objectives and goals:

Gain understanding of the team setup and typical team conflicts

Understand and improve on the different roles and areas of responsibility of each team member (including the horses)

Identify own areas of strength and weakness in the role as EAGALA teammember

Equip MH and ES with skills to identify and address conflict areas that typically arise in EAGALA teams to where potential impact on clients is lessened and interference of 'S on future sessions decreased


We work in a covered riding arena or an outdoor pasture. Feedback rounds and discussion groups are held in a heated, comfortable room. Please make sure you are dressed appropriately for spending time outside. No open shoes please! It is not necessary to have any experience base with horses, and knowledge about them or riding are not to your advantage or disadvantage.

This workshop has been approved to provide Continued Education Units for EAGALA.


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