Psychodynamic Equine Assisted Trauma Therapy

"Posttraumatic Stress disorder is a very normal reaction to a very abnormal situation."

In Equine Assisted Psychotherapy, clients can address and process their concerns through experiential activities with horses. Clients are given the opportunity to create their experienced realities. Through the horses’ reactions to their nonverbal communication, clients receive immediate feedback. Unconscious thoughts and behaviors can be experienced in a non threatening environment. Insights can be gained, and tangible solutions can be found.

Psychodynamic Equine Assisted Traumatherapy (pPTT) is an integrative treatment concept:

The typical psychotherapeutic trauma stages are gone through and processed - in interactions with horses. Interacting with the horses requires for clients to stay focused in the „Here and „Now”. Working on traumatic experiences while interacting with the large animals increases emotional distance from traumatic memories and enhances the ability to reflect and process them from an observational point of view.

This treatment concept was developed while working with members of international Armed Forces. PPTT has its best indication in the area of combat related stress disorders. Despite its military specifics, it can be modified to fit other population groups.