Most people who contact me want to feel happier and want their lives more the way that they had dreamed of it.

Some may also want to look at issues that have been creating problems in their lives.

These issues may concern:

Current relationships with others

Self esteem

Feeling depressed, anxious or stressed or

Dealing with past or current traumatic experiences

I will assist you to reflect on yourself, your emotions, and your experiences.  As people become more accepting of themselves, develop new skills and gain an understanding of their experiences, they are more capable of finding their own answers and solving their own problems in the future.

Psychotherapy is an intensive process of working through the issues that you want to address. Attending psychotherapy will probably mean that you come to regular appointments, typically once a week, for a period of time. The number of appointments is up to you. Psychotherapy generally requires one hour face-to face appointments.

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