Equine Assisted Traumatherapy

In psychodynamic equine assisted traumatherapy, those elements of the EAGALA Modell are integrated that are in congruence with current psychodynamic psychotherapeutic guidelines.

EAGALA = Equine Assisted Growth and Learning Association, developed a model as basis for equine assisted therapy and equine assisted personal development.

Ilka Parent was EAGALA mentor and network coordinator for Germany from 2011 until 2016 and worked as one of 19 trainers worldwide in EAGALA trainings for a number of years.

The following elements of the model were further developed and are integrated in our work:

Team approach: We always work in a team consisting of a licenced clinical psychotherapist, an equine specialist, and at least one horse.

All activities take place on the ground.

Experiential in design, solution- and client centered:: the process of finding one's own solution through hands-on experiences, taking risks, being creative and trying out various approaches is facilitated by our qualified team.

For more information about Equine Assisted Traumatherapy we recommend the book "The Fundamentals of Equine Assisted Trauma Therapy: with practical examples from working with members of the Armed Forces"