Based on years of experience working in this field, the following manuals are for sale:

Fundamentals of psychodynamic Equine Assisted Traumatherapy.

In Equine Assisted Psychotherapy psychological concepts and knowledge about horse behaviors are put together. This book has been written for psychologists and Mental Health Specialists as well as Equine Specialists. A fundamental book that heeds the different perspectives from both worlds. With particular focus on traumatherapy with combat related stress disorders, this book offers a good look into Equine Assisted Work. Order your copy here.


"Transitions, Objectives and Progress: Together Everyone Achieves More.”: Whether the goal is to assist with transitional issues or increase overall resilience, TopTeam is a comprehensive (hands-on) 6 week program designed to specifically address issues that service members and their families face. Each week, typical conflict areas are addressed; activities parallel real life circumstances, making it possible to immediately experience feedback and changes. You can order it here.


A comprehensive, hands-on program using unique experiences with horses to promote the development of interpersonal skills and behavioral patterns relevant to personal growth and success. Originally developed and designed as a summer program as part of Ilka Parent’s Advanced Certification, it proved to be invaluable working with children and young adults.

Teamwork in Equine Assisted Teams

Something a bit different: Experience the dialogue between a mental health practitioner and an Equine Specialist. Read about some typical examples of potential problem areas in EAGALA teams, and explore how this manual will assist you in individually formatting what meets YOUR needs. Also available as workshop at a location near you!